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About us

Poura Darou Iranian is a leading private Iranian conglomerate holding focused on Pharmaceutical and Medical industry specialized in manufacturing, distributing, importing, marketing and registration.


Strong Foundations; 

Poura Darou Iranian is a highly recognized and successful family owned company, established in 2000 In Iran. Company is led by professional team with strong experience and background knowledge for over 19 years.


Poura Darou Iranian is fully independent company from any political affiliation, group and organization.


Our Philosophy

Our Values; 

Our long term commitments to our values and believes brought us honesty, quality and reliable reputation in the industry. Since inception, Poura Darou Iranian Group has embodied the motto of “doing the right thing”, a philosophy can be seen in all its decisions and subsequent actions. We believe all our employees and customer as part of our large family and assure the best quality, attention and commitment to them.

Core values; 

Poura darou

Our Vision; 

  • We are here to help people live healthier, longer, happier.


Our Mission; 

  • Enhancing the quality of life by providing instant and easy access to high quality and reliable pharmaceutical, medical, hygienic, cosmetic and nutritional products
  • To innovate, develop, manufacture, and provide high-tech pharmaceutical and medical products in order to improve the general health of society
  • Increasing society awareness by providing educational programs and resources
  • Creating an ethical, rewarding and challenging work environment our employees who are our main assets.

Poura Darou Iranian with more than %20 stable growth rate over the last 5 years, worth 300 million USD.

We are pleased to announce that Poura Darou Iranian and subsidiaries ranked

We are specialised in Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Supplement, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Food and Medical Devices.

Our longterm commitments to the core values and beliefs have made us what we are today. We are actively participating in the following section will give you an idea of what we care about and what we have done.