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From the ancient Silk Road to China's new One Belt, One Road project, Iran has always enjoyed a prime position on international trade routes. Its geographic location also makes it an ideal export hub for Central Asia (especially Afghanistan, Russia, Syria, Iraq), a position enhanced by special economic zones and ready access to its 15 neighbours (population: 400 million) through trade agreements.

IRAN'S PHARMACEUTICAL TRADE RELATIONSHIPS Iran is strategically located between West and East and a gateway to a large trading bloc, making it an ideal hub to exploit export opportunities in the MENA region and beyond.


Iran's biotech and drug-making expertise has seen it win several large export deals. For example, Afghanistan sources 33% of its pharmaceutical products from Iran, and 11% of all Iran's pharma exports – worth a total of USD 159 million in 2014 – go to Syria under a contract agreement. Germany receives 16%. As Iran ramps up production, its regional trade relationships are likely to grow and help it to expand its export horizons beyond the Middle East.

Reference:January 2017 ROLAND BERGER