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Rouz Darou

Founded in 1963, is currently known as one of the largest and most well reputable pharmaceutical firms in Iran listed on Tehran Stock Exchange in 2001. Later in year 2012, Poura Drou Iranian acquired control of Rouz Darou. Rouz Darou manufactures variety of dosage in the forms of E.C. Tablet, Injection, Chewable tablet and F.C. Tablet. 


Rouz Darou

It has two manufacturing plants. In 1998, due to an increase in the demand for pharmaceutical products and also the necessity to comply with new GMP requirements, second manufacturing facility has been expanded to 8000 square meters  to meet the market needs. In 2011 a new constructed facility in 45000 square meters, located in Tehran's west- end- was established for oral and injectable cephalosporin


Rouz Darou manufactures variety of dosage forms such as:


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