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It is our pleasure to introduce Arisa Farin Teb which will be operating as a new entity of P.D.I group in the market. We are convinced that the 3 pillars of our services, professionality, effectiveness and complexity of solutions for our clients in the medical/dental filed are fundaments for any active company in this volatile and fast changing era.  

Dynamic development of the market requires a dedicated team able to provide effective solutions based on experience in particular areas. We believe that services based on proficiency and qualification are the pillar of success an in order to consolidate and nurture a sustainable and robust business and move to the next level, we need to establish a specialized dedicated team and organization structure. At the time being we are working on the legal paperwork, organization and infrastructure development. It will be up and run in few upcoming months.   



Our mission is to improve everyone’s comfort and well-being and enhance quality of life by providing the most convenient and high quality health care solutions through routine and affordable price and increasing community awareness toward health care and provide HCPs with scientific trainings and supports with integrity and accountability 

We’re committed to increase patients accessibility to health care solutions at the endmost of the country by providing and developing an extensive supply chain and network  

We strive to make quality health care solutions as convenient as possible. We do that by dealing with reputable suppliers, improving our availability, increasing patients’ choice, and lowering the costs. 

We’re committed to invest in the latest technology for faster and new innovations for our patients and health care community with patient centric approach 




Our vision is to be established as the best Medical device company in Iran, in terms of expertise, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship, while returning value to our stakeholders

Medical community: to be highly ranked by healthcare professionals and Dentists for our expertise and accountability, as well as for the high quality of our products and services

Our people: provide an ideal working environment and attract the best talent in our sector

Our international partners: be the partner of choice for the world’s leading companies

Our community and the environment: be a role model for our contribution to society, to the Iran economy and to sustainable development


websaite : TRI website