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PouraTeb Pharmaceutical Co.

PouraTeb Pharmaceutical started operation in 2000, aimed at improving household health and supplying quality products by importing sports and dietary supplements, human drug, medical and dental equipment from top European and American firms. Since health of a society depends on health of each and every individual, which in turn is affected by numerous factors, including clean air, stress-free life, provision of nutrients needed by body and …., the company has initiated its manufacturing phase. 

 Development and Innovation

In the context of further development of innovative products, the company started its new production line by establishment of PouraTab Gostar Pharmaceutical Plant in the field of food supplements with the collaboration of popular international brands and transferring know-how and technology in accordance with GMP principles and the world standards.

One of the largest partner companies, Vita Pharmed, based in Lugano- Switzerland, is supplier of food supplements with full basket of types of multivitamins and minerals for all age and gender groups of population. VitallyTone, Viva Tune, Vita Fizz and VITA FIZZ PLUS effervescent tablets, and supplements specific to kids (Viva Kids drops and syrup) and Viva Power sports supplements are among products of this company. Also, the latest basket of such products, probiotics, are supplied for all age groups, and specifically for children, women and seniors under Viva Tune and Viva Kids brands. 

Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp. – US is active in manufacturing dietary supplements (types of vitamins, minerals, cartilage supplements and …). PouraTeb Pharmaceutical Co. produces Health Burst in PouraDarou Iranian Factories, licensed by the above corporation. All products under the mentioned brand name produced and supplied for adults in various age groups in compliance with the GMP guidelines.  

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