Manufacturing sites

Owning private manufacturing sites as below to Group companies manufacture under-license productions.


  • Rouz Darou pharmaceutical Co. :

Founded in 1963, is currently known as one of the largest and most well reputable pharmaceutical firms in Iran listed on Tehran Stock Exchange in 2001. Later in year 2012, Poura Drou Iranian acquired control of Rouz Darou. Rouz Darou manufactures variety of dosage in the forms of E.C.


  • Iranian Blood Research and Fractionation Co. (IBRF Company):

Initiation of Plasma Fractionation in Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) was founded in1976 and renamed to IBRF in 2007. IBRF Center  is the only organization engaged in fractionation of plasma since 1976. In year 2014 Poura Darou Iranian has taken over of IBRF.

Iran Darouk

  • Iran Darouk pharmaceutical Co. :

​​​​The original manufacturing site was established in 1981, located less than one-hour drive from Tehran. Company was fully taken over by Poura Darou Iranian Group in 2011.