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  • Poura Darou Iranian
    Investment Pharmacuetical Co.
Poura Darou Iranian

Poura Darou Iranian

Poura Darou Iranian is a leading private Iranian conglomerate holding focused on Pharmaceutical and Medical industry specialized in manufacturing, distributing, importing, marketing and registration.



  • First Company Active in Plasma Fractionation in Iran
  • Number One as Dietary and Food supplement in Iran
  • The 3rd Private company in Cosmetics
  • The 3rd company in Herbal Manufacturing


Our Brands

Founded in 1963, is currently known as one of the largest and most well reputable pharmaceutical firms in Iran listed on Tehran Stock Exchange in 2001...

The original manufacturing site was established in 1981, located less than one-hour drive from Tehran. Company was fully taken over by Poura Darou Iranian Group in 2011

Group companies

Build Strategies, Build Confidence, Build Quality

Manufacturing sites

Group companies manufacture under-license productions.

Pourateb I.B.R.F | Iran Darouk | PouraGen  | RouzDarou

Trading Company

Providing specialized range of products through distributors or their own store to customers in B2B and B2C Capacity.

Booteh Sabz | Sepaco | ArisaFarinTeb | Poura Dam | Daneh Pars


Having private distribution company channels empowered us to distribute all products to our B2B and B2C customers.

Poura Pakhsh | Rokh Ara

Other business

The group also has varied business interests in multiple other industries.

Shider | Khor Ski Resort | Nowak


Iran's Pharmaceuticals Market

The number of Iranian pharmaceutical companies, many of which offer attractive partnership potential.
The number of people living in Iran and its 15 export-region neighbours
The compound annual predicted growth rate of Iran's pharmaceuticals market.

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