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  • Poura Darou Iranian

    Investment Pharmacuetical Co.

    Subsidiary: Rouz Darou pharmaceutical Co

Poura Darou Iranian is a leading private Iranian conglomerate holding focused on Pharmaceutical and Medical industry specialized in manufacturing, distributing, importing, marketing and registration.
We are specialised in Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Sport Supplement, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Food and Medical Devices.   
Our longterm commitments to the core values and beliefs have made us what we are today. We are actively participating in the following section will give you an idea of what we care about and what we have done.

Group companies

Build Strategies, Build Confidence, Build Quality

Manufacturing sites

Owning private manufacturing sites as below to Group companies manufacture under-license productions.

Trading Company

Trading companies provide specialized range of products through distributors or their own store to customers in B2B and B2C Capacity.


Having private distribution company channels empowered us to distribute all products to our B2B and B2C customers.

Other business

The group also has varied business interests in multiple other industries.

Our Blog

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